Team Competition

2016 Team Competition Results

Team: Top 5 Points: Bonus Points: Total:
Air Assurance/Tulsa Connect 688 80 768
Soundpony 494 30 524
Team Tom’s 396 10 406
Bike Lab 388 10 398
TLC 393 5 398
OKCX 227 5 232

2016 Top 10 Individual Point Accumulators

Name: Total Races: Individual Points
daniel ammann 3 179
Mike Patrick 3 162
Jamie Teeter 3 143
Dustin Morris 3 138
Josh Collins 2 135
Michael Wing 2 132
Robert Stuart III 2 118
Joshua Graham 2 118
Mike Guillen 2 117
Rick Reese 2 116

How does this work?

Team members earn points for each race they finish based on how they place and the size of the field. Teams earn Bonus Points for each team member that finishes more than one race.
Team points will be calculated based on the team’s top 5 point earners plus any team Bonus Points earned. The team with the most points at the end of the day wins!

How much does it cost?
Pay just $25 per USAC team – this entry fee covers all team members and all categories, including juniors, men and women. Everyone on that team is automatically entered in the team point competition.

What’s a Team?
Teams are based on your USAC team information. Each team that enters must hold a current USAC team license and only racers holding an annual USAC license will count towards the results. Racers will earn points for the team shown on their USAC license.

What do we win?
The winning team will get a super unique traveling trophy to display in a location of their choice, payout of all entry fees collected for the team competition, and bragging rights for an entire year.

How do we earn points?
Racer Points = Placement Points for all races finished + Field Points for all races finished
Team Points = Total of Top 5 Racer Points + Team Bonus Points

Placement Points:
Racers earn up to 30 points based on their finishing place within their field.
1st place = 30 points, 2nd = 29 points, 3rd = 28 points, …down to 30th = 1 point

Field Points:
Racers earn one point for each person in the field who completed that race (30 finishers = 30 field points)

Team Bonus Points:
Team members who race in more than one category will add 5 bonus points to their team point total for each additional race finish (including DNP). All teammates add to the Team Bonus points, not just the Top 5!

Example: A CAT 4 racer places 5th in a field of 30 racers. He earns 26 placement points + 30 field points = 56 total points. And for each additional event he finishes, he can earn an additional 5 bonus points for his team.

In the event of a tie for the team competition, the winner will be the team who has the individual racer who has accumulated the most points.